LIVE SESSIONS & MOKB Presents Sessions ┃ Role: Videographer

As a video intern at and MOKB Presents, I partnered with industry professionals to help film a series of live acoustic sessions.

SoFar Sounds Edinburgh ┃ Role: Videographer

SoFar Sounds is a global community that organizes secret shows and intimate concerts in cities all around the world. During my semester abroad in Scotland, I collaborated with the SoFar Sounds Edinburgh team to film and photograph two of their secret shows; one held in a local coffee shop after hours, and the other in an abandoned-factory-turned-art-gallery. You can view the photos here.

Whisper Studios Sessions ┃ Role: Co-Director & Videographer

Whisper Studios is a cozy, intimate recording studio located in Kokomo, Indiana. Here, I helped to co-direct and film this series of live in-studio sessions with local band, The Stoffs.