Gary Burton Retires the Mallets

Here's a new video for you! I'm excited to have been able to work with my NPR family again as a freelance colorist on this project for NPR Music's series Jazz Night in America. A great musician and a compelling story - two of my favorite things. Check it out!

Behind-The-Scenes Editing: Migos

            This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot Future & Migos, and it was a blast! I love high-energy shows because there’s so much light, color, and movement - it’s like a playground for a photographer! 

Shooting from the pit at the show. Photos by Austin Friedline

            I thought I’d take my favorite photo from the show and do a little behind-the-scenes video. I probably put way too much time and energy into each one of my concert photos, but I just can’t help myself. To me, each photo is a unique piece of art that I want to give my absolute best attention to. 

            I chose this photo of Takeoff from Migos because it displays a lot of the editing techniques I normally use, and I like the dramatic difference of the final product. I’m really trying to hone my photography and editing style, and I think this photo embodies both of those things as well.

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Here are some of my favorites from the show. View the full Migos photo gallery here!